Motorcycle Lift Kit

MLK – 1100

Price $ 289.00 (+ 45.00 s&h)

The motorcycle lifting kit (MLK) will convert the car lift to a motorcycle lift. The kit consist of Wheel Chock, typically used on the front tire, a Drive On ramp for loading the bike on the lift, two center fillers connecting the On ramp with the wheel chock and a low profile 1.5 gal (5.5l) Oil Change pan. The center fillers are removable, allowing complete access from the underneath of the bike (this is extremely useful on low clearance bikes). Overall loading height of the motorcycle lift is 2-3/4 inches (7.0cm) off the ground, making it one of the lowest lifts on the market. Standard width is 32 inches, providing sufficient space to place your feet on the lift, while riding onto it; once positioned the bike needs to be secured via the provided hold down straps.

Lifting capacity - 1,100 lbs.; Lifting height - 26 inches

The best features of the motorcycle lift are the low loading height- 2.5 inches (6cm) from the ground allowing easy push onto the lift; the standard 32 inches (81cm) wide platform allowing you to place yiour feed down on the lift top secure while securing the bike; the light weight - 165 lbs (75 kg) total weight fro easy transport an dmoving around the garage; the ease of storage and the wide open access from under the bike. By utilizing the optional Moving Casters Kit the bike wuith the lift can be moved to the smallest (tightest) areas in your garage for storage, working etc.