EZcarlift Wall Hanger

Wall Hanger - NEW!

WH –

Our brackets create a convenient storage solution for EZcarlift and/or its accessories.
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  EZcarlift Limited Space Kit

Limited Space Kit


For single car or crowded garages where there is not enough space to roll lifts from the side.
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EZcarlift Moving Casters Kit

Moving Casters Kit

MCK – 60-2b_2x4p

Allows the project vehicle to be moved around the work area or to storage area when waiting for parts or time to finish the work.
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  EZcarlift Floor Saver Kit

Floor Saver Kit

FSK – 075x14x8

Protects softer vinyl floors from damage.
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EZcarlift Soft Surface Kit

Soft Surface Kit

SSK – 120x14x8

Allows use of the lift on softer surfaces such as packed dirt, asphalt, off road, etc.
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  EZcarlift Drive Over Kit

Drive Over Kit

DOK – 110wb

Allows a lowered vehicle to be placed on the lift for service.
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EZcarlift Floor Finish Saver

Floor Finish Saver

FFS - 075x14x8-r

Set of steel plates protects your floor's finish (paint, urethane etc.) from damage.
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  EZcarlift Ground Clearance Kit

Ground Clearance Kit

GCK - 3x6x20

Used on low ground clearance vehicles, where the lift will barely roll under.
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EZcarlift Wheel Scaling Kit

Wheel Scaling Kit

WSK – 86-106wb

Allows you to scale your vehicle – please specify wheel base when ordering.
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  EZcarlift Motorcycle Lift Kit

Motorcycle Lift Kit

MLK – 1100

Converts the lift into a Motorcycle service lift.
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EZcarlift Ice Hockey Pucks

Ice Hockey Pucks - UPDATED!

IHP – 1x3.0

Protects rocker panel trim from damage; provides additional support at lifting indent. New styles for more applications.
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  EZCarlift Ramp Extension Kit

Ramp Extension Kit

REK – 2x8x120-cr

Ramp extension kit for servicing longer wheel base vehicles, ATVs, bikes with side cars etc.
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EZcarlift Work Bench Kit

Work Bench Kit

WBK – xsp32

Converts the lift to a lifting work bench with infinite height adjustment.
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  EZcarlift Rubber Pads

Additional Rubber Pads

Rubber Pads

A set of additional Rubber Pads comes in very handy when your vehicle's lifting area is large.
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EZcarlift Gear Box Lube

Gear Box Lube

GBL - 4oz

Specially formulated high pressure heavy duty lube for the Gear Boxes.
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  EZcarlift 6 Point Deep Socket

6 Point Deep Socket


Recommended socket for operating the lift.
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