Floor Saver Kit

FSK – 075x14x8

Price $ 69.00 (+ 23.00 s&h) - free shipping when ordered with lift

The Floor Saver Kit (FSK) consists of four (4) steel plates, similar to those on the Soft Surface Kit, just not as thick. The plates are powder coated to match the finish of the lift. They will prevent the Leg Rollers and Leg Pads leaving marks in your vinyl or other softer floor surface.

To use the Floor Saver Kit move the lift into place and slide the plates under the legs, align the foot pad/roller with plates marking and slowly raise the lift.


EZcarlift™ was developed specifically for the home mechanic. The simple operation of the common floor jack and the unobstructed access of jack stands were used as a model for the design. The true portability of the EZcarlift™ distinguishes it from all other car lifts.

The lift is compact and designed for tight spaces, such as your garage. Customized to your car the lift does not exceed the footprint of your vehicle, leaving full access from all sides to all areas of the underbody.