EZcarlift™ Soft Surface KitSoft Surface Kit

SSK – 135x14x8

Price $ 74.00(+ $23.00 s&h) - free shipping when ordered with lift

The Soft Surface Kit (SSK) consists of four (4) 10 gauge (3.5mm) thick steel plates. The plates are powder coated matching the colors of the lift. The kit is best used on blacktop driveways, compacted dirt – like the one on the track or your back yard. When using the lift on a soft surface without the plates, the lift’s legs may dig themselves in by 1/4- to 3/8-inch and leave nasty memorable marks.

Using the Soft Surface Kit

View Soft Surface Kit How-To Video

To use the Soft Surface Kit move the lift in place, insert the plates under the lifts legs (typically there will be about 3/8 to 1/2 inches (9-13 mm) gap for the plates to slide under. Align the foot pad/roller with plates marking and slowly raise the lift.


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